What does my ISP see when I use VPN: (Explained)

What does my ISP see when I use VPN: (Explained), By using a VPN service it is also possible to know the time of your connection and the port of your VPN protocol is using. Adding to this the Internet Provider can also see the amount of traffic that is traveling to and from your device.

What does my ISP (Internet Service Provider) see when I am connected to VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

When you are connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Server your ISP (Internet Service Provider) can see that you are connected to an IP ( Internet Provider) that is owned by a VPN service.

Other than this the other important factor is that your service provider can detect the fat of the actual online traffic which is hidden from them, which means it can lose access to the information of the website you visit, the time your spend on the website, the specific web pages, your search and browsing history, the files that you are downloaded from or uploaded to the unencrypted websites and the information that you are typed on the unencrypted websites.

All things happen because of the service provider that you have connected to the website you want to visit. You send it as a data package and work a request and the Internet Service Provider sends it to the correct destination. Thus when you connect with a VPN service then you tell it to send that request to the VPN server.

The VPN Server takes over the package and the ISP will never know its final destination.

When you are using a VPN it provides you the following information

  1. With provides you the Internet Provider (IP) address of the VPN server that you are using
  2. help to know about the timestamp when you connected
  3. the port of your VPN protocol that is using
  4. gives you the information about the amount  of the data that you are sending or receiving
  5. Tell you about the encrypted and unreadable data that is traveling between you and the VPN server

What is visible to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) when you use a VPN?

What is visible to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) when you use a VPN?

While using VPN, it keeps you anonymous online, but your ISP will still be able to see some of the following factors-

  • Your VPN connection- When your ISP will see that you are now connecting to a VPN server but it would know that what you are doing but all the information is illegible and encrypted.
  • Your VPN server Internet Protocol address- You should thank your Internet Service Provider that it gives you access to the internet.  ISP is responsible for sending your requests as data packets to a VPN server. That is the reason they will always know about the VPN server’s IP address but not the data packet’s final destination.
  • Your VPN’s protocol- To give a safe connection, VPNs use a technology that provides different protocols that are visible to your ISP. Even your ISP can see what protocol you are using and they cannot take any information from it so it does not affect you and your work.
  • Your connection timestamps- Your ISP can always know when you connect and how long you are connected but they would not know that what websites you are using. While you use a VPN or if not using it they will able to see when you are connected to the internet.
  • Your bandwidth usage- when you are downloading, streaming, browsing, or play games your ISP can see how much bandwidth you are using and they would not know that what you are using for it.

Can my ISP (Internet Service Provider) see my history if I use VPN (Virtual Private Network) ?

Internet Service Provider (ISP) can track your browsing history and habits. An Internet Service Providers is able to see everything that you do online. They also can track things including websites you visited, how long you spent on those websites, content that you have watched, the device you are using and also your geographic location.

All these factors that are determined by ISPs are depending on where you are present this information is used for a variety of purpose like building a consumer profile for sale to third party advertisers and also imposing online censorship on the behalf of the government that what services they are offering you.

You must be thankful that there is a simple solution in the form of a VPN. Virtual Private Network VPN will encrypt all of the internet traffic that is running to and from your device and it also tunnels it through an intermediary server.

All of this means that it is unreadable to your Internet Service Provider ISP and if anyone else is inquiring or spying on your activity like network administrators, hackers and government investigating agencies. A bonus also comes with a VPN that makes your Internet Provider (IP) address and can replace it with some another from a location of your choice which means you can bypass geo-restrictions on websites those offering streaming services, gambling, gaming and many more things while traveling abroad.

Does VPN (Virtual Private Network) prevent ISP (Internet Service Provider) tracking?

Does VPN (Virtual Private Network) prevent ISP (Internet Service Provider) tracking?

A VPN is able to hide your Internet Protocol Address (IP address) and can also block your location, browser history, and allow you to share and receive information on public internet networks privately.

In case you are reaching something online or try to communicate via any social media platform then you are leaving digital footprints in the form of your browsing history, cached data and cookies.

Your ISP, the government and any other third party  is able to track that what you have searched, watched, visited and downloaded from any website even if you are a private browsing mode but it is still possible to collect your Internet Protocol Address. When you download and enable a Virtual Private Network before browsing, a VPN provides you online privacy and also increased security by helping to hide your online identity and encrypting your traffic.

However, hackers and any third party will only see the IP address of the remote VPN which prevents them from accessing you browser history, location and any personal information that your have received and sent while browsing.

The thing that a VPN Virtual Private Network can hide-

Search History

If you are using a VPN service then you can clear your cookies and search history from your browser. But chances are there that your ISP has recorded the websites that you have visited. Virtual Private Network VPN can hide your search history and many other things including search terms, links that you have clicked on, websites you have visited and masking your IP address.

But now the question is arises that can you truly remove your search history? So the answer is no, you are removing the references from your directories  but your operating system would not simultaneously erase this data. But a VPN only moves the information to a very special area on the Mac or PC’s hard drive.

Health Conditions and Medical Diagnosis

If your taking consultation from any medical provider online then in most cases they operate through private client’s portals. According to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA], they have to set their standards in the exchange of protected health information [PHI].

This is a procedure, diagnosis and counsel between doctors, clients and medical facilities.  According to theHIPA Act they require healthcare facilities to operate on private networks, these secured portals can encrypt your medical information from other outside parties. A VPN service provider allows medical professional and their patients safe access and confidential medical information that is not accessible by any third party.

IP Address

Your IP address is the identity of your device on which you are connected to an internet service or any local network. The IP address is the key data that connects you to your location, wen search history and ISP. An IP address can also share your sensitive information like your physical location as your current city, state, pin code and country. It can also trackback to your home ISP which is able to reveal your name, home address, contact number and credit card details as well.

So, here comes the importance of the VPN server that it will not send your information directly to your IP address the VPN server’s IP address is associated directly with your activity. Let us understand with an example if your VPN server servers around the world then it is possible that you could appear to be connecting to the internet from any different country.

Travel Accommodation

In this digital era, travel and airline websites can also associate the information that your have researched with you device’s IP address, if your visit online traveling websites multiple times to get the better deals then a cookie has likely already locked into a price. A cookie is a data sent from a user’s device to a website, so they can easily find your past travel searches, your online profile and also your home address. If you click on any link that can trigger any event.

These days, marketers also use analytic tracking tools to track their website traffic and user behavior. All this takes only a small amount of time for advertisers that can fill your page with advertisements. In that case, VPN could block the tracking technologies that allow you to search travel websites anonymously that avoid advertisers altogether.

Personally identifiable material

A VPN server is able is able to hide your online identity by blocking your IP address. The VPN server can encrypt your location and the data you have received and sent, it also helps you to protect your personally identifiable information, that information can be your bank details, social security and also your driving license numbers. If in any case this information is gained by  hackers then they can access your device, your personally identifiable information can be vulnerable by your audio files, videos, images, messages and passwords as well.

At last, we want to tell your the most important thing to keep in mind when you are purchasing any VPN service is that to buy from a software company that you can trust, it does not matter where you are, you can search online to know about that your connections will be safer.

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